15 June 2009

I'm Marie Antoinette. I don't do lycra.

Commenting on my post last Saturday, Caroline points out that adventurous attire need not stop you cycling.

"For exotic costume on bikes you need look no further than the annual Tower Hamlets Glamour Ride", she says. (Pic right, nicked from Bob Aitchison's shots from last year.) "See http://www.glamour-ride.org. If Wonder Woman and Marie Antoinette can cycle then what is stopping wizards, pirates and vampires? You've just got time to get that costume together - this year's ride is Friday 19 June."

An intriguing invite I'm happy to publicise. I can't guarantee I'll turn up in the long black wig and tights I was wearing on Friday and Saturday, though. (It was for an opera. Honest.)

I shouldn't be surprised at Marie Antoinette. Cake and cycling are never far apart.

But Wonder Woman? According to her Wikipedia page she can fly, and taking bikes on any kind of flight is fraught with difficulty as we know: deflating tyres, turning handlebars sideways etc. Among her other powers is the ability to "vibrate into another dimension", so evidently she's been cycling across the lunar road surface of Waterloo Bridge.

And of course, we know that Superman rides a bike.

So perhaps a vital component of any kid's dressing-up box should be a puncture repair outfit and multitool. See you on Friday. I won't be the one in the tights and long black wig though.

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