28 June 2009

Picnic basket whipped up by student

Bike picnics are just great, and thanks to London's pitted and potholed roads, that cream in your pannier will be nicely whipped by the time you arrive. (I'm not joking: it works - try it.)

So at Camberwell College School of Arts's student show last Friday, which like so many student shows nowadays has at least one bike-related project, we were pleased to see this rear-rack wicker box (right) that opens out into a picnic table (below).

Perhaps the next task for Eva, its designer, is to modify the standard bottle cage so it can hold, and keep chilled, say a nice bottle of crisp, peachy Albariño.

Not Cava though. We've tried that, and it doesn't react to vibrations as felicitously as cream.


  1. My missus insisted on buying two cake slices recently wilst we were out on our bikes.

    I warned her of the effect that being in a bag on a bike rack on her bike would have on said cake slices, but as usual, she didn't listen.

    Strangly when we got home her cake looked like it had been put in a food blender, but mine was perfectly OK.

  2. David Hembrow, now blogging from Assen, Netherlands, is yer original cycling wicker-basket maker. Don't all rush at once...