13 June 2009

No Ordinary house

We were amused by these decorations on a terrace house in Great Pulteney St, in central London.

A local told us the building used to be a bike shop. When it was turned into residential, the new owners kept the adornments to the former shopfront.

Given the sort of things usually sold in shops in Soho, it could have been a lot worse.


  1. On the other hand - maybe you need to think about possible alternative uses for cycle gear and clothing.... kinky stuff, lycra.

  2. I'm not sure exotic costume and cycling go together. The other week we biked past a Cosplay Convention in Excel (in Victoria Dock, over in east London near City Airport). Presumably all the attendees had got there by taxi, because cycling was out of the question given what they were wearing. There were wizards, pirates, vampires, manga heroes and heroines, anime characters, and even an Alice in Wonderland. He wasn't very convincing though.

  3. There was a bloke in New Cross last night in 18th-century costume with a dead animal on his head. Apparently he cycled there. (sorry people, private joke)

  4. For exotic costume on bikes you need look no further than the annual Tower Hamlets Glamour Ride - see www.glamour-ride.org. If Wonder Woman and Marie Antoinette can cycle then what is stopping wizards, pirates and vampires?

    You've just got time to get that costume together - this year's ride is Friday 19 June.

  5. @ Caroline... I was so intrigued by your comment I'll reply fully in a new post today. Thanks!

    @Tim... there are pictures of me on various Facebook pages in said 18th-century costume and wearing said animal (actually a rather Swiftian wig). Obviously, though, I have no intention of telling you where they are.