02 June 2009

Rivals not a patch on the puncture repair kings

It was mainly work that took me back to Hull over the weekend. I was doing an article on a factory in north Lincolnshire that makes puncture repair outfits.

Yes, yes, I know, I'm just boasting about my glamorous lifestyle. The smell of the rubber solution, the roar of the fork-lift.

You've never heard of the company, but they supply Halfords, Decathlon and everyone, and the puncture repair outfit in your bag almost certainly came from this very production line (right).

This lass from Barton-on-Humber was the last person to touch your yellow crayon, tube of glue and sticky patch before you did.

Of course I got to the factory by bike, a glorious five-mile hop over the water via the Humber Bridge on a fabulous day. The sky was flawless cobalt, the wooded slopes a rainforest green, the river its usual colour of diarrhoea. I was inspired enough to make a quick video (right) of the return crossing, the journey back across the great divide into The North.

It wasn't just much more pleasant than going by car. Much more important, I also saved over a fiver on tolls, as bikes go free. You can tell which side of the Humber I come from.

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