09 June 2009

Clutter chaos by Cleaver Sq

Is this London's most cluttered piece of pavement? This area of street-furniture jungle is a little south of the river in Kennington, just a moat's-length away from the upmarket MPs' enclave of Cleaver Square.

In a triangular patch barely big enough to build a duck house there are:
12 iron bollards
3 metal posts holding road signs
1 set of traffic lights
1 set of pedestrian lights
1 post for a pedestrian push-button unit
1 post with a 'no cycling' sign
1 keep right bollard
1 No Entry sign
1 flower tub
1 ugly historic pillar thing
1 set of railings (presumably listed) guarding a locked disused lavatory

So dense is this metal thicket that it's awkward if not impossible to wheel a pushchair round. Never mind a bike transporting a trouser press or plasma screen TV back to your second home. In parts of the ferrous undergrowth it's said there still survive a few BNP supporters who don't know the war is over.

It's a shame this area of real estate isn't being used. An obstacle course for training guide dogs? Residential home for stylite monks?

Google street view gives you a good look round this chromium coppice. Google's project is good because it allows people from all round the world to see things in the street they've never seen before. People such as local councillors.

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