20 June 2009

Art for art's sake; any excuse for free wine

Yesterday had an artistic angle to it. Our now-customary free wine and food came courtesy of a visit the end-of-year student show at the City and Guilds of London Art School, in posh Cleaver Square. The quality on offer was absolutely sensational. The art wasn't bad either, especially the world-class stonemasonry.

We felt quite at home in the bohemian atmosphere. I was tempted to talk in a loud voice about how [name of 20th century artist] was completely underrated / overrated and had clearly influenced this year's crop of graduates for the better / the worse / sexual favours. Our favourite was the apple strudel draped with molten brie (food, not an installation).

So it was fitting that, on the way home through Brook St, we found a roadworks clearly arranged by someone with an artist's eye. It honestly would have worked rather well in the show. I enjoyed the use of colour and materials, and its exporation of shape and form.

But it really it needed something else to establish it as a proper artwork. An Artist's Statement explaining how its creator has always been fascinated by the semiotics of traffic signs and sees roadworks as a metaphor for society, perhaps. And a local restaurateur carrying round trays of Sauvignon Blanc and rondels of goat's cheese.

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