24 June 2009

Bad language at Kings Cross

I biked up to Kings Cross station yesterday morning. As I had plenty of time to spare, I followed the bike-route signs, to see where I would actually end up after inevitably missing a sign and getting lost off Judd St. It's always fun doing this, and sure enough I came past this cut-through I'd not seen before.

I was impressed with the driver's commitment to obstructing the cycle lane: not just the main part, but also leaving their door open to block off the elephant's-ear to the right.

Yes, I did get the train. Off topic I know, but does anyone know why the on-board wi-fi on National Express East Coast trains defaults to Swedish Google? Even blogger's dashboard shows up in the language of Abba. As the great Benny, Björn and Stig wrote, 'Waterloo - så har man funnit sin överman. Waterloo - mäktig och väldig och stark är han'. Whatever that means.


  1. Since you asked: Wi-fi on National Express East Coast trains is provided by Icomera, which is a Swedish company. Though that's mo excuse for not using a UK IP address range.

  2. As in mo' fun?
    I'm sure it's always been in English for me.
    Can we expect another report from Hull?

  3. It could be routing via proxy servers that are in .se; we get this at work where often I get google france. I have complained to my google friends that there is no reason why google documents should adopt a french ui, just because I am (logged in) abroad. it would be like MS word on my laptop going to finnish whenever I visit oslo

    On a positive note, if google things you are out of the UK, when you create a gmail account, you get a short gmail.com addres, not googlemail.com. Something to do with trademarks.

  4. Finnish -> Helsinki
    Norwegian -> Oslo

  5. Very appropriate number plate.