07 June 2009

Cheers! A large capacity bike

I'm spending a lot of my time at the moment cycling down to south London for rehearsals. This often involves taking a lot of gear: costumes, scores, props and other necessary items. After some research I decided this bike would be ideal. As well as opera companies, it might suit others with large requirements, such as sports teams, partners reluctantly pressured into doing DIY, and so on.


  1. Dare I point out that it's carrying Dutch beer :-)

    I think it's the same sort of bakfiets as the local people who sweep streets use.

  2. Specifically it's an Apollo bakfiets, made in Aalten, NL with a Caravell chest refrigerator. The fridge probably has eutectic plates inside enabling the vendor to keep the contents cool during the day without electricity.

    I don't think this bike is from us (WorkCycles) but we sold these a while back. Apollo disappeared a few years ago but WorkCycles still offers big, traditional Dutch "bakfietsen" in a number of sizes and styles:


  3. @David, @henryinamsterdam - thanks for the info! Now that we have a Tube Strike in progress, a Beer Bakfiets would be just the thing to cheer up commuters who are cycing to work instead.

    In fact, now that Boris has banned alcohol on the Tube, perhaps the Beer Bakfiets would encourage Tube users to cycle after the strike finishes, too...