08 May 2010

Pulling up the Cable: More CS works by Tower Bridge

Cable St is one of London's showpiece cycle tracks - which is a bit like saying Andy Murray represents Britain's fine tennis tradition.

But the western end, near Tower Bridge, is something of a war zone at the moment.

It's being hacked up as part of the preparation for the two Cycle Superhighways opening this summer. Cable St will be part of CS3, Barking to Tower Gateway.

But don't worry, the works are only temporary. The sign there tells us they'll be finished by Friday 7 May.

Oh. That was yesterday, when I took the pictures.

And just think of how much better things will be when they're painted blue.



  1. The photo with the yellow van reminds me of this photo of works on a secondary cycle route in Assen. Note how even a steam-roller can't completely block the cycle path, even though it's only a "secondary route" and is narrower than usual. What's more you can also see how the Assen cycle path is going to have some separation from the road. Oh, and we never have drops in the cycle path due to driveways like that. Rather, the drop to road level is at a 45 degree angle in the last six inches. It all helps to concentrate the minds of drivers and remind them who has priority.

    Still, I'm glad to see actual bicycle redirections.

  2. Still going, and badly signed...when will it end?