05 May 2010

Narrowing experience: Roadworks block Elephant bike path

Work installing the Cycle Superhighways continues apace. This sign has appeared on Churchyard Row, currently part of the Elephant and Castle cycle bypass, and part of the future CS7 from Merton to the City.

Unfortunately, the works don't leave much space for cyclists using the bypass, which purports to offer a safe alternative to the Elephant's lethal double-roundabout. Especially when they have to share it with pedestrians, whose footway is completely obstructed.

It seems a lot of fuss just for painting a blue stripe on the road...


  1. They closed it altogether when they first put the barrirers up. It wasn't until the following day they opened the dsingle track version

  2. The irony in a lot of so called cycle infrastructure projects, is that during the construction phase, no thought whatsoever is given to cyclists.

    I would suggest, that the increased risk to cyclists during the construction phase probably outweighs the lifetime benefits of many schemes.

    The recent death on Oxford Street highlights the need to consider the impact of all road works on cyclists and pedestrians up front, and not as an after thought.

  3. Is this blue stripe a white elephant?

  4. Now also at http://www.cyclestreets.net/location/22500/