12 May 2010

Getting a fix at launch parties

I was at a launch party for Foffa Bikes the other night. Based in E1, they build single speed and fixed-wheel bikes, mostly using recycled and rejuvenated parts. The main bike builder, Dani, used to work in the City (How many people work in the City? About half of them! etc) but the lure of bikes proved stronger than money, which is obviously where I've gone wrong too.

Anyway, it was a very agreeable evening, and it was good to chat to Dani and his PR genie Tyler, both thoroughly good company. Upmarket retro fixies or SSs are probably not for me, but there'll be plenty of people with a whizzy job in the City who want an off-the-shelf piece of kit as cool as these. One stylish young lady there had had her bike built in black and pink, to match one of her outfits.

Mind you, it was pretty obvious that this was a bikey event. There were several attractive and dashing young people of either sex, sometimes both, and there was some beady-eyed, nudge-nudge slavering going on - all of it over the bikes, on display on the launch-party cafe walls, though.

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