01 May 2010

Pavement cycling is OK in Clapham

Clapham has a street called The Pavement, on the north side of the common.

So, tee hee, you can cycle on The Pavement and the tabloids can't touch you.

There are plenty more Pavements. York has one you can cycle on, for instance, not far from The Shambles.

While we're on funny street names, we were reminded while parking off Trafalgar Square the other day that the pedestrian lane off it to the east has surely the longest name of anything in London you can push a bike through: St Martin-in-the-Fields Church Path.

Which (at 29 letters, or possibly 38 characters, depending on how you count abbreviations or spaces) is longer than the longest proper-street name, the 26-letter Stoke Newington Church Street.


  1. What we really want to know is what London street name gives the highest score in Scrabble...