07 May 2010

New cycle cafe holds balance of power

Well, I'm still clinging on to the hope that a Conservative-Unionist coalition and a Labour-Lib Dem coalition end up with exactly the same number of seats, meaning that the Greens, with their one seat in Brighton, hold the balance of power.

Anyway, here's a place that gets my vote. It's a new cycling cafe in the City called Look Mum No Hands, at 49 Old St, just north of the Barbican. There's a few such bike-bistros in the capital now, and this new one is really good.

We're impressed. It does very good coffee, cakes and bistro-style salady meals (as well as reasonably-priced bottles of wine), and there's a bike workshop, so you can have your bike repaired while you wait.

It's also well cool, decorated with snazzy bikes of various types and cycling-related photos. It's racing-ish, but not exclusively: anyone on a bike, whether time trialler, courier, tourer or city trundler, will feel right at home. I saw a couple of cappuccino-sipping customers busy on laptops (there's free wifi, too) with Bromptons folded up at their feet.

And its parking is exemplary: not just racks outside, but a courtyard with loads more racks, Plantlocks, and quirky wall-mounted Cyclocs: plenty of outside-eating space where you can keep an eye on your tandem, trailer or Christiania.

It's fab; give it a visit. I can see this becoming a regular meeting-place for London cyclists of all types. Even those who didn't vote for the winners yesterday.


  1. I'm now clinging onto the hope of another election in six months.

    Swerving back on topic, lovely caff.

  2. Looks fabulous! I will check it out pronto. Thanks for the tip. Kind of sounds like one of my old faves in Chicago, the very hipster, bicycle messenger hang out Handlebar (http://handlebarchicago.com/). Damn, they served a killer brunch. Very cheap, tons o' beer, great patio in the summer.

    Also love the name of this place. Hee!

  3. Good laugh on the election comment. Thanks for the tip I'll check it out on my cycling travels