06 May 2010

Vote for cycling. Er, which party's that?

Turnout looked pretty good at our local polling station at 9am this morning. The steady stream of voters included six on bikes during the two minutes it took me to pin the tail on the donkey in our council elections.

Not bad considering you can't even cycle here, in the middle of a pedestrianised estate.

(As it happens, I knew two of our council candidates through cycling. Are cyclists more liable to be politically active on a practical level than most? Vote now: press Y for yes, N for no, or ESC to try and get away from all this sodding election coverage.)

As the LCC claimed in the Evening Standard the other day, cyclists could hold the balance of power at this election. That seems a trifle hopeful to us, like plankton claiming to hold the balance of power in whale feeding frenzies.

Still, it takes just two minutes to vote. And think of the difference that two minutes will make over the next five years to the status of cycling in Britain.


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  1. And in the better late than never department, this from Sustrans today -