10 May 2010

Dunwich Dynamo comes of age: Vote now

The Dunwich Dynamo - London's most remarkable open-to-all bike challenge - is on the night of 24/25 July this year, and booking for the return coach journey (about the only way you can sensibly get back) has now opened.

It's still Britain's most famous best-kept cycling secret: an annual ride of 200km through a full-moon July night from London to the Suffolk coast along with about 500 other people.

It’s not for charity, it’s not organised, it’s not a time trial. It’s not a demo or a commemoration, it has no official start or finish line, and there are no medals or certificates for those who complete it.

Southwark Cyclists help organise the ride, and their Dunwich Dynamo page has lots more info and an online coach-booking form. Early-booked tickets are £14.

This is the 18th DD, so it's come of age. Now it can go out and do irresponsible things, such as go to the pub, or vote.

(Pics: Simon Nuttall.)

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  1. Don't do this to me. I swore I wouldn't do it again (every year for the last 5...)