28 May 2010

Quirky London 16 of 20: The Camberwell submarine

Where is it? Akerman Rd, between Myatts Fields and Mostyn Gardens, Camberwell.

What's quirky about it? It's just the protrusion into our universe of a boiler room thing below the road, but it looks just like a submarine. They should paint it seakelp green, and put a periscope on it. Actually, inside it looks pretty much like a sub too, only without the sweaty sailors desperate for a fag stop.

Why bike there? Myatts Fields is quite a nice little park and has a large scale map of the world you can walk around, though its geographic accuracy is open to question. You're not far from Kennington Park (with a nice little cafe) or Brixton.

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  1. Myatts Fields Park also has a cafe thats currently open at weekends but there are plans to open it for more as well - its sells homemade cakes and will be selling food made with fresh produce grown in the park. Myatts Fields Park also has a great new childrens play area now fully open.



  2. As a brutalist structure it's one of the only ones I like. Very funny. Perhaps it was intentional?