01 August 2010

Bike hire scheme encourages you to bank at... HSBC

With the Hire Bike Scheme up and running, we can spend the next few weeks doing the interesting stuff: discussing interestingly-located docking stations, best free sub-half-hour routes, and so on.

Here's a candidate for the most inappropriately situated docking station, given the sponsors of the scheme... (it's on Southwark St).


  1. I spent some time at the Bricklayers Arms docking station on Friday night trying to convince a chap who was interested in using the bike hire scheme that you didn't need to be a Barclays Bank customer in order to sign up...

  2. I am expecting to see small boys at road junctions underlining each bike as they pass in their Ian Allan "Boris Bike Numbers" books.

    How long before the Guinness Book of Records recognises a new record: the shortest time in which someone can cycle to every docking station, hiring a new bike at each one?

    And who will be the first to ride every bike available? I can cross two off the list.