17 August 2010

Dirty work in east Yorks

England is full of mucky place names. The sort that gleefully fall foul of US-based profanity filters, and which are gleefully collected in certain mischievous websites.

(I'm surprised that particular website didn't mention Shitterton Farm in Dorset, though.)

Still, I was pleased to cycle past this road yesterday on a jaunt up the east coast south of Scarborough, just north of Flamborough Head.


  1. Shitterton is in Dorset, or it was when I was at school nearby - in the Piddle valley, as it happens.

  2. Doh - not Devon, then? I've corrected the blog before I get terrorists from the Dorset Independence Front planting anything to try and injure me. Such as wisteria.

  3. I believe that there are some very dull folk in said Devonian, erm, Dorsetian place that are trying to get the signs changed to Shutterton.