09 August 2010

Bike hire scheme encourages you to bank at... Nationwide

Another candidate for 'inappropriately sited Barclays London Hire Bike Scheme docking station of the week': this one's at Cheapside, in the City.


  1. Surely this should be seen the other way round. Barclays now have a large advert for their bank in front of a rival, something they would never had got via conventional poster ads.

    Think £25M (paid over 5 years so only £5m in 2010) was money very well spent by them.


  2. Ah, fair point, Adam. Wonder if the Nationwide boys are miffed that there's this big blue Barclays site outside their front door. Maybe it was one of them that attempted to sabotage the launch by plastering some bikes with stickers carrying anti-Barclays messages.