28 August 2010

More tall stories from Critical Mass

Another Critical Mass briefly reclaimed London's roads last night.

There was the usual ceremonial flypast of major landmarks, the now-standard handful of people on hire scheme bikes, the affable chitchat and catchup with bikey people you know - and the usual range of entertainment.

The guy with the dogs (?spaniels) in the cargo bike was there, for example.

Perhaps it could set a trend, with other people taking along pit bulls to defend themselves against taxi driver attack, or collies to round up stray cyclists.

They weren't the only livestock represented. There was also a selection of zebras: eight or nine, courtesy of the Hackney lot.

I never did find out what it was about, but it was a shame there weren't lion bikes too, chasing them and picking off the slowest.

And, thrillingly, there was the crazy guy on the double-decker bike. Glad to see he's wearing a helmet, which shows he is safety-conscious.

Obviously, stopping in mid-traffic on such unbalance is a bit of a problem, so he was thrusting his way through some very hairy-looking gaps. Don't try this at home.

1 comment:

  1. Using a Boris bike sounds like an excellent idea. You won't have any trouble if the cops decide to confiscate people's bikes again.