11 April 2010

Pet project: Lambeth's dog streets

The inspiration for the bike-part street series, currently running on weekdays on this blog, came from this council poster (right) we spotted cycling round Kennington Park the other day.

It's rather fun. To illustrate the poster for council lost-dog services, someone had a great time taking pictures of inventively related road signs: Greyhound Hill, Barker St, Barking Road, Hounds[ditch something], Dog Kennel Hill, Wagtail Close, Isle of Dogs, Dog Lane, the Dog and Duck, Long Walk, Staffordshire St and Bark Place.

A fine bike tour for dog fans, and there must be feline equivalents out there - Cat Hill, Mews Place, Milk Yard and so on.

Don't know about ferrets, supposedly the latest celebrity pet, though.

1 comment:

  1. Ah some fun for a Monday morning! I was surprised to find that there isn't a web site dedicated to feline related street names, so I had to take the unusual step of doing some primary research.

    While I couldn't find much in London beyond Milk Street in the City, there is a smattering around the UK:

    Cat Lane in Halifax and elsewhere
    Kitty Lane in Blackpool
    Tabby Nook in Preston
    Whisker Road in Strabane
    Mouse Lane in West Sussex (ok this is getting tenuous).