01 April 2010

Oxford St's rubbish parking

Another fine example yesterday of how bikes can do things in London faster and easier than other modes of transport.

At 5.30pm I had an urgent fax to send, to arrive before 6pm. But (following a fire in Paddington, apparently) BT fax and phone lines were down. I couldn't send the fax, or phone to let them know about it. I didn't have a mobile number, and an email wasn't guaranteed to be read in time.

The recipient wasn't far away, though: the junction of Oxford St/Tottenham Court Road. I was in Piccadilly, so the obvious solution was to bike the fax there myself. Which I did, easily bypassing the jams and arriving well in time. And, though bike parking on Oxford St is notoriously skimpy, I happened to remember that there were bike racks (picture) perfectly positioned, right outside my destin... oh.


  1. I'm always amazed that london didn't yet switch to wheelie bins like the rest of the developped world.
    Every evenings humps of platic bags of all colors obstruct the city's narriow footways and give a pretty bad image of the city to the tourists and other vistors...

  2. Yuk! What a horrible image. I'd have been tempted to go through the bins, find out which address the rubbish had come from and take it right back to them (maybe dump it on their front door with a snotty note or something)... then I'd wake up and realise I'm NOT Freewheeler of Crap Walthamstow and probably just tut a lot and take photos :o))