15 April 2010

Bike-part streets 6 of 10: Helmet Row

Where is it?
North of Old St, in the City. It runs by the side of St Luke's Church, one of the London Symphony Orchestra's bases, mainly used for educational activities.

What’s it like?
An unremarkable sidestreet, one-way south and no entry from Old St, with nothing of note on it except the church. Put it this way: there's nothing you could plausibly bang your head against.

Why bike there?
It's the access road for LSO St Luke's, so you'll be trundling up here if you're attending their excellent lunchtime chamber concerts, talks, workshops or seminars. There are bike racks outside the church.

Is it a good place to wear a helmet?
On our visit yes, but only because there were roadworks, so it was a hard hat you needed rather than half a polystyrene melon. Otherwise, as everywhere else, only wear a helmet if you're a Tory politician nagged by advisers that bare-headedness might lose you votes.


  1. Interesting that helmets are the one thing not mentioned in UKIP's ragbag of please-the-tabloids anti-cycling manifesto proposals.

  2. You'll be pleased to see that George Osborne is a real, non-helmeted cyclist as well: http://static.guim.co.uk/sys-images/Environment/Pix/columnists/2010/4/15/1271327019772/Bike-Blog--David-Cameron--006.jpg

    I'm not too sure about Dave's shorts, though.

  3. They do look like they're on a gay weekend break.....