24 April 2010

Auteur bike: Virtual London rides at Spitalfields

There's an amusing bike installation at Spitalfields Market this week, from Friday 23 to Friday 30 April, 10am–6pm every day.

Local(Eyes) is a bicycle mounted to a generator in front of a film projection of various cycle trips round the East End (right). The faster you cycle, the faster you 'travel' through the cinematic landscape.

The artist behind it is Mila Lipowicz, a real cyclist currently living in Greenwich. She films some of her London journeys using a special wearable hard disc camera which gives particularly smooth video results.

The film in the picture at the top takes you alongside the canal running south towards Limehouse Basin. The real thing is on the right.

(A recent City Hall exhibition on Cycle Superhighways used the same idea, except that where this film is documentary, City Hall's was romantic fiction.)

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