20 April 2010

Bike-part streets 9 of 10: Tyers Street

Where is it?
Near Vauxhall in south London, running one-way north from Kennington Lane and continuing as the Lambeth Walk, Oi!.

What’s it like?
Tyers St manages to pack in a park; a nice little City Farm with alpacas who holiday in Epsom, and a special crossing for the animals to get to the park opposite; a condor (below right); and a splendid German bar called Zeitgeist (aka The Jolly Gardeners, below right). It also manages to pack in no bike parking at all, shamefully, though Zeitgeist might let you take your bike inside if you say your bittes and entschuldigungs. Also round here are hardcore gay pubs, a lap dancing club, and Topps Tiles, so all tastes are catered for.

Why bike there?
Enjoy an outstanding Portuguese brunch at the fabulous Madeira Cafe under the railway arches. Visit the city farm. Have a drink at Zeitgeist and watch live Bundesliga footy. Have hours of fun trying to negotiate your way along the cycle lane round Vauxhall roundabout.

Is it a good place to change a tyre?
Yes. The park gives you plenty of space, and there are refreshment opportunities aplenty afterwards, though you might have to watch out the goats from the farm don't try to eat it.

Yes, we know there's supposedly a 'Tyre Lane' listed in the A to Z in Hendon, up in M1 country. But a glance at Google Street View (right) shows it isn't much of a lane at all, only an unsigned access strip - leading to, appropriately, Hendon Tyres.

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  1. Hopefully soon Tyers Street will be made two-way for cyclists. In the meantime children from the Ethelred Estate wishing to cycle on the road to their local city farm have to do down another street, onto the hugely busy Kennington Lane (just off the Vauxhall gyratory), then turn up Tyers Street.

    Candidates in the ward elections seem willing to have the streets there made two-way for cyclists (though some with provisos re costs and tests elsewhere).
    See the commitments of the Princes Wards candidates at http://kenningtonpob.blogspot.com/