19 April 2010

Bike-part streets 8 of 10: Basket Gardens

Where is it?
OMG, miles away in the suburbs of sarf ice Lannan: Eltham, south of Greenwich, south of Blackheath, in the dustier crevices of a rather humdrum housing estate.

What’s it like?
A short, dull, rather shabby cul-de-sac. Some of the gardens contain vehicle carcasses that haven't moved an inch since Google Street View was here over a year ago.

Why bike there?
Eltham Palace is just down the road, home of Henry VIII's famous art deco palace. Blackheath is a couple of miles north and then it's just over the hill to Greenwich Park for fine views and hemisphere straddles.

Is it a good place to take a basket?
Not even the most ardent Eltham fan would claim this is a good place for a picnic. Hotfoot it to Blackheath or Greenwich for your strawberries'n'cream and exploding bottle of Asti.

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