04 April 2010

Getting to the bottom of saddle soreness at Broadway Market

Say goodbye to saddle soreness with this ointment from Claire's stall in Broadway Market in Hackney, which we cycled past yesterday.

Promising relief from 'cyclists' sore bits', the unguent (for 'rubbed/chafed areas') has ingredients including shea butter, cocoa butter, calendula and black seed oil, which rather invites chocolate dusting and a spoon. A snip at £8.50 for a 50ml serving.

Claire clearly knows her demographic: the market was chock with cyclists and every rack, lamppost and No Waiting sign had a bike attached. There's even a second-hand bike stall in the market now, with proper town-bike clunkers (basket, chaincase, mudguards and all) for eighty quid.

Her stall also offers 'Cyclists' all weather face protection', as well as foot creams, hand salves specifically formulated for rock climbers, and something intriguingly called 'Men's Stuff'.

We've always found the best prevention for saddle soreness is frequent stops, whether for refreshment, photo-opportunity, viewpoint appreciation, or a spot of territorial marking. Or, indeed, ambling round the stalls of a lovely street market.


  1. Have to say I only get chafing if I wear tights which are ill-fitting and fall down a bit so the seams rub. Tights as in women's underwear rather than as in cycling leggings that is. I do appreciate a bit of padding on long rides mind, as many hours in the saddle does tend to leave a bit of an ache, but it's a bit unnecessary for anything under 20 miles or so.

  2. Assos chamois cream