27 February 2010

That's handy: Building business by bike

Spotted this Green Workforce bike parked off Carnaby St the other day. I hadn't heard of the company - which styles itself as a carbon-neutral handyman on call - before, but they're very pro-bike.

According to their website, they use special collapsible ladders suitable for transporting by bike. Wonder if they do collapsible sledgehammers too? I could do to pack one of those for my next encounter with a bus driver who thinks I'm a soft target.

Whether or not the company have anyone from Poland on their books I don't know, but there must be a paraphrase of the old School Dinners joke here.
Teacher to Islington primary school class: Who can tell me where Warsaw is?
Ollie: Well, it can't be far miss, because our builder Marek is from Warsaw, and he comes on a bike every day.

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