02 February 2010

Cycle-lane blockers: Your number's up

Two more cycle lanes blocked comprehensively by vehicles with appropriate number plates (visible via the links - incredible how often this happens).

The first (right) was on Saturday night at the Elephant and Castle. As I rode away from taking the pictures, an agitated man rushed out. At first he was obsequious ('Eh, boss. What is problem? Why you take picture? No my car. You police? You take my number? Is no my car. Eh boss. [Makes gesture of rubbing upwardly-pointing fingers and thumb as if to suggest money]. No problem eh.'). Then, when he realised I wasn't an official, he became abusive ('FAK YOU! FAK YOU!').

Well, really. If he parks as badly as this, what must his kebabs be like?

The second (right) was Sunday afternoon in Islington. Well, if the cyclists had rioted, at least there'd have been a news team right on call to beam it live to the world.


  1. As amusing as the amendment to the number plate undoubtedly is, why not include the correct registration in the style of the Bristol Traffic web log?
    Then, should the vehicle be involved in an accident or be put up for sale, your image will appear in any web search.

  2. There's a guy (I assume it's a guy) who parks his black merc on the road in a bike lane. Every night.

    Every morning I make a dart out into traffic to get around the car, and it's the only car on about 3/4ths of a mile of this main road blocking the lane. So annoying.

    I'm starting to put my pannier on the left side of my bike, so that if I do get squeezed a bit too close, I'll leave a few reminders.

    I honestly don't know what else to do-- I mean, I assume he doesn't read this blog, and I'm always running too late in the morning to stop, write a note and affix it to the windscreen. Maybe I'll try and get the license number and report it as an abandoned car on fillthathole.org.uk

  3. Josh - he may not even be breaking any laws. Unless there's a double yellow line or it's a compulsory cycle lane (with a solid white line) then parking may actually be allowed at certain times. Looking at the highway code you MUST NOT park in a cycle lane 'during its period of operation' but it's only a DO NOT park 'where you would obstruct cyclists' use of cycle facilities'

    Of course, if he is breaking any parking laws, a quick anonymous call to the council parking enforcement team might sort it out...

  4. Josh

    If you have a decent number pigeons in your area, maybe just sprinkle some breadcrums on his car.