28 February 2010

Rail stations: Only a wee problem with a folder

So there you are, with a laden bike at a railway station, desperate for a wee. It's a right pain in the bladder: you have to wheel your bike to the racks at platform 19, lock it up, take off your luggage, cart it to the toilets at platform 1, and eventually return to platform 19 for your bike, by which time your train has gone anyway.

But with a Brompton, no problem: you just take it into the toilet with you, like this chap at Victoria the other day. (And if you can afford a Brompton, then six shillings to spend a penny is presumably not a problem.)


  1. Ah...I can't afford a Brompton and I don't like being overtaken by one either...but I can completely see where you are coming from here.

  2. You'll get yourself arrested one of these days, taking photographs at a major London railway station.

  3. How to afford a Brompton: Instead of buying an all zones travelcard, get a London Terminals and then cycle. On my line into Kings Cross that's £103 less per month or a new Brompton with luggage per year, easily!
    Happy cycling

  4. Based on the sign it appears the recumbents may wheel right through the gate, however.

  5. I always take it with me, sometimes right into the cubicle but only the in the dodgiest loos...