15 February 2010

Another Elephantine pothole

Impressed by this mighty pothole over the weekend. It's on Newington Causeway, just off the Elephant and Castle, and if it rained you'd need a causeway to cross it.

The mobile phone - visible to those with good eyesight in the picture here - gives you an idea of the scale.

We use a mobile phone because, if the hole really is big and we lose sight of it, we can call the number to locate it again.

Potholes on Transport for London roads should be reported to TfL's pothole web page. (For potholes on non-TfL roads try FixMyStreet.com or the CTC's FillThatHole.org.)

You can tell a TfL road from a normal borough-run road because borough roads have taxis parked on double yellow lines, whereas TfL roads have licensed minicabs parked on double red lines.

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