16 February 2010

A pursuit of trivia

Amusing debate on Twitter this morning about the collective noun for Bromptons. 'An oratory of Bromptons' was perhaps the most poetic (the bike was named after the Catholic church in west London, right) but the winner has to be 'a fold of Bromptons'.

'An assembly' was also suggested, but that surely belongs to a disassemblable bike rather than the snappily collapsible Brompton. So, 'an assembly of Airnimals' or 'an assembly of Moultons'.

And what about other bikes? A lock-up of Dawes? A generalisation of Specializeds? A rally of Raleighs?

No doubt the collective noun for sixty-quid self-assembly supermarket bikes is 'rubbish dump'.

And what about other bike-related services? A pulse of paramedics?

It reminds me of a local bus service I saw called Kentish Hopper, which seemed appropriate. How about a Jersey Jumper? Sheffield Plyers? A Badminton Shuttle?

Don't even think about suggesting a witty collective term for bloggers.


  1. A pack of Ridgebacks, of course

  2. A disaster of Apollos.

  3. I thought a "Basket of Pashleys", but elegance is good too!

    Does a "Spangle of Choppers" work?