14 February 2010

Bike yoga? I'm not in a position for that

Bikes are sometimes used as advertising boards. Fine if it's outside a shop or on otherwise unused space (such as this, for Bodmin Jail, in Bodmin). Even better if it's actually being ridden around.

Though I'm not entirely happy about unrideable ones taking up a genuine parking space like this one (right), in Weybridge.

Anyway, who needs yoga? Locking up any normal bike properly - manoeuvring your half-ton U-lock round the back wheel, frame and rack, and then snaking the heavy-duty cable all the way through every gap in the bike, the front wheel, and the rack again - surely requires contortion enough.


  1. Particularly true if the bike on the other side of the rack has been locked in an awkward position.

    But, to be serious. A bike book I have says that muscles contract during cycling so doing some stretching exercises is not such a bad idea.


  2. In my local town centre the fashion chain 'Jigsaw' had attached a crummy mountain bike to the racks outside their shop. I can't imagine how a knackered mountain bike with 2 flat tyres sprayed matt grey and sprinkled with white dots and a 'Jigsaw' logo helped to sell their image.

    After went in the shop an politely asked them to remove it - guess what? The did absolutely nothing, claiming they didn't have the key for the lock. They promised to try to remove it. After a few weeks I went back with some very sticky yellow and black hazard tape and generously wrapped the bike up. I then reported it to the town centre management as an abandoned bike. Within a day or 2 it was gone.

    J, Kingston