06 February 2010

More comedy cargo: High stakes

Had to cycle this fence-post home from B&Q this morning. I should have painted 'Vampire Bicycle Response Unit' on the panniers.

It was actually quite comfortable to cycle with the bike like this, though bare summer legs wouldn't have been a good idea, despite the mild weather at last. Those splinters can be hard to winkle out when you have to use a mirror to see them.

Of course it's not the first time I've done something like this. If I got stopped by a copper and done for dangerous cycling, I'd have to ask for several similar fences to be taken into account.


  1. I've carried skis like this; it actually works pretty well. They don't get into the way at all

  2. Well then..., I've done a couple golf clubs in that fashion, since I couldn't very well figure out how to get the whole set, bag and all on the back. (You only really need one or two clubs for the driving range). That and one handing our dry cleaning has been the extent my willingness to push the envelope.

  3. My local gardener carries his hedge cutter, rake, lawn mower and all other tools on his bike...he literally wears his lawn mower as a hand bag...

    He can often be seen happily cycling around the residential streets of my end of London whistling away...with a baseball cap in place of a safety helmet.

    Now if only I had a picture...

  4. Pah, amateurs. I've carried 3 metre lengths of copper tube like that. It works fine with a couple of lengths of 15mm size tube but the heavier 22mm size starts oscillating at certain speeds which rapidly makes the bicycle unridable, although 2 metre lengths should be fine because the unsupported extension at each end is much less.

    I've also carried a 4 metre length of heavy timber well over a mile like that, but pushing rather than riding the bike. Fun crossing against traffic because you just edge your 'battering ram' out and they have little choice but to give way. Oh, the power.

  5. My only advice is: don't do this with drop handlebars.

    I had to transport a load of planks once and, erm, had difficulties on the first corner. Wheeled the bike and planks the rest of the way.