12 May 2009

A word from our sponsors

Tim commented on my recent post about the Hilton Docklands Ferry querying the name. "Are Hilton sponsoring Docklands?", he wondered. "What next - the Absolut West End? The Lehmans City?"

I think there's lots of potential in corporate sponsorship of famous bits of London. The Specsavers Eye. The Branston's Pickle Gherkin. The Pedigree Chum Isle of Dogs. The nPower Spike. The Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Scoop. The Colgate Toothpaste Tube. Let me know if you can do even worse...

1 comment:

  1. Now this could run and run...

    + The Royal Doulton Waterloo Station
    + The Yale Camden Lock
    + The Billy Smarts Picadilly Circus
    + Vauxhall Vauxhall Bridge
    + The Egg Marketing Board Oval

    (isn't the Eye taken - it's the British Airways London Eye formally isn't it?)