05 May 2009

Westminster juice points: It's your leccy day

I went past a juice point actually in use on the way in today, just north of Waterloo Bridge and opposite the Lyceum Theatre. There are 12 of them in Westminster, and you can recharge your electric vehicle here free for up to three hours.

The points - which look disconcertingly like they should be dispensing smoothies - carry the warning 'Contains electricity', presumably for the benefit of those with an allergy.

Cyclists have a similar but more comprehensive network of juice points of course. They're not free, but some of them are very reasonable, such as the ones run by Wetherspoon's.


  1. Your last sentence reminded me of this.

  2. I like it. What with cars getting their recharge points and cyclists getting their bike hire locations. Surely giving people who drive in London less and less of an excuse to drive round in "gas guzzlers"

  3. I know some people, including many of my friends, don't like the promotion of electric cars. They believe it's only disguising car dependence under a false shade of green. I also have concerns, but I'm happy to encourage electric runabouts in towns, as Westminster do. Not a perfect solution but better than the smog and noise of a 4x4 conveying one person.

    What's interesting is that the electricity is supplied free! Let's hope the same generosity - a pragmatic one to encourage takeup, of course - extends to the London Bike Hire scheme.

  4. Yeah but can I charge my laptop there?

  5. If it's the size of a car and has wheels to help you transport it. Mind you, my first portable computer was like that.