17 May 2009

Snow in May? Must be Dr Who

I know we should expect a few weeks of rain. It's Bank Holiday month and the test match season has started. But snow, in May?

We were a bit taken aback on Friday night, going along Cook's Road near the Elephant and Castle, to see one of the council-block plazas covered with a localised Snow Event. A localised Christmas Event, in fact: the balconies and shopfronts were festooned with coloured lights and illuminated Santas.

Ah. Filming, of course: make-believe December in May, for a yuletide Dr Who special. The floodlights were still on, and technical crew were standing around smoking and telling locals that oh they couldn't possibly reveal anything about David Tennant's replacement it's all a secret we can't tell you anything blah blah blah when actually no-one had asked. There was no evidence of constructive activity, so we thought they must still be filming, but in fact they'd finished for the week.

The Tardis was there and we had a peek. It was smaller inside than I expected, somehow.

I nipped back next morning to take a snap (right). They were clearing up the sn... er, the cotton wool. A local man, thinking I must be an official because of my high-vis jacket, demanded to know when all this would be cleared up. Oh, I said, we have to jetwash away what's left, and then we're turning it into a rainforest for the next Bond film.

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  1. Old that I am, I remember REAL snow falling on me, not far from London on 1st June. That was in 1976 and the summer that followed was one of the hottest on record (at least until climate change started to get us). So sorry, your fake snow doesn't impress me!