14 May 2009

Boris's cycle highways will start with Southwark

Hot news from last night's Southwark Cyclists meeting. Routes for the first two of Boris Johnson's proposed 12 cross-London cycle superhighways, distinguished by blue asphalt, have been decided. Apparently they're to be ready by May 2010 (when the London Bike Hire scheme is also to being operation).

One will go through Southwark (A24 - A3 - Merton - Tooting - Kennington Park Road - Elephant and Castle improved bypass - Southwark Bridge Road - Southwark Bridge - City.

What precise shape the route will take through the Elephant's notorious double-roundabout, given the stalled redevelopment works, is still to be decided.

The other pilot route is City - Cable Street - east out along the A13.

More details when we have them.


  1. Great news for South Londoners. Many more people would be willing to cycle if it wasn't so death-defying. Every cyclist I know have been in some scary near-misses unrelated to irresponsible riding.

    I think it would be good to make full use of the canal towpaths, and make the Thames path continuous for cyclists. Then we need a clear path through the center E-W and N-S.

    How I envy the people in Amsterdam, The Hague, Stockholm, etc.

  2. Just been in Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, and a number of smaller Baltic capitals and they all have the most wonderful facilities. I know many other continental capitals with similarly good facilities

    Surely an interesting comparison would be to compare the accident rate to cyclists in London against the continental capitals and the argument would speak for itself.

    I think the best City in the UK is Nottingham who have made great strides in promoting cyling for many years. They include dual use of footpaths which some cities seem to not only rule out, but illogically make illegal.

  3. As an exemplary approach look to Milton Keynes