18 May 2009

MPs: pedallers of lies?

Moats, chandeliers, jaffa cakes, bikes... In the media frenzy over MPs' expenses, Norman Baker was pilloried in the press last week for attempting to claim for a new bike off the taxpayer in 2004. (Of course, if the House of Commons does a bike-to-work scheme then Mr Baker could always buy one cheaply that way.)

But curiously, while Mr Baker's request was refused, another MP - David Maclean - successfully scored a £3,300 quad bike off the public purse in 2007.

Now, remind me. I have two bikes: a Specialized that I use all the time; and a dirt-cheap chain store model for emergencies. Which do I designate as my Main Bicycle in order to claim for a new tyre on the Specialized?

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