30 May 2009

Tate tete-a-tete at 8

Hooray! Tate Modern is evidently letting us stick our bikes on the railings outside the main entrance again, after their recent mystery ban.

The railings are much handier than the official bike shed, and more flexible, with multiple locking points. They're used much more.

And then you can go up to the bar on Floor 7 for one of London's best evening barstool views: a half-panoramic sweep of the Thames with St Paul's, the Wobbly Bridge etc. You can always grab a spot by the window, the wine's not too expensive, and you can watch the townscape watercolours change as the sun sags low and pink.

The inverted camera-obscura view through a wine glass is particularly enjoyable. And your transport home is right outside. We like biking round London.

1 comment:

  1. Excellent.
    I particularly like St. Pauls in a wine glass.