19 August 2009

Shock tactic

I'm still shaking a bit. This morning it happened again - something I only experience about half-a-dozen times a year, but when it does it colours my whole day.

I was cycling up Hayles St, a two-way street with cars parked all along one side and only enough room for one line of traffic. A white van was coming the other way, and without any warning, he stopped before the line of parked cars and waved me on.

I looked behind me. I was alone - no vehicles behind that he might be waving through rather than me - but I didn't panic, and rode steadily through. It crossed my mind it could be some sort of trap, but I waved a thank-you, and he waved cheerily back, and I got out unscathed.

Drivers, please be careful when you display such blatant consideration to cyclists. It will come as a shock to most of us.

1 comment:

  1. Not so bad on the way home, when you can pop into a hostelry to steady your nerves, but it's tough on the way to work when you have to sit and ruminate and blog for the next few hours.