17 August 2009

Confusing signs and mixed signals

Blimey - I know those Sustrans routes can take a roundabout way sometimes... but downtown New York (right)? We were trying to get to the Lea Valley Crossing...

The culprit, as ever, was a film crew: they were making a Bollywood movie. Just as Stamford is easy to disguise with a bit of sawdust as an Austen-era town centre for a period costume drama, so a fake road sign can make Canary Wharf a cut-price travesty of New York.

But it does make you wonder where you buy these fake traffic signals. Where would you get British-style ones from? Might help to slow the traffic outside our house.

Perhaps the David Mellor cafe in Hathersage might be a good bet. Mellor - no, not that David Mellor - designed the classic British traffic lights, and the visitor centre dedicated to his work offers another odd sight: of signal-controlled queues for the buffet (right). (Thanks to our Derbyshire correspondent for the photo.)

Of course, just round the corner from the faux-US signal being serviced by ice-creams above is Traffic Light Tree (right), the celebrated sculpture on Westferry Circus roundabout. No cycle-specific traffic lights anywhere in it: well, that might make it confusing.

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