25 August 2009

Naughty bus

Bus, NO.

BAD bus.

Bus get back behind ASL this minute.

Naughty bus.

Bus go back to garage with NO petrol for supper.

(Waterloo Bridge this morning - bus not just encroaching on ASL, but invading it, colonising it, rigging elections, installing puppet rulers, and stripping it of all its natural resources. Bad, bad bus.)


  1. Does it have to sit on the naughty step? :0)

  2. Buses? Pff. Today I witnessed a van full of police drive over an ASL to wait at a red light.

    If even the police aren't going to respect the rules of the road, what's the point of having them at all?

  3. Diesel shurely?

    (And does the bus really say OMG! on the side of it?)

  4. Yes, it really does say OMG - if I'd had time I would've Photoshopped in some witty completion on the ad on the side of the bus.

    Yeah, diesel, strictly, but I thought in my writerly way that 'petrol' sounded better in the sonic context of the sentence. Which shows why motoring magazines never call me up to write anything.