02 August 2009

Rising sea levels? No problem

Cycling under water is the next big thing, according to Bathland in Hamburg. The text on their website is in German, which means we can't understand it: 'Der neueste Aqua Fitness Trend... Radfahren im Wasser... jedes Fitness Levels' etc.

Now that the Met Office has reforecasted the 'barbecue summer' to more weeks of rain and flash floods, maybe it's something we should pay attention to.


  1. Interesting headline:
    Unterwegs auf Hamburgs schönsten Fahrradwegen!
    En route on Hamburg's most beautiful bike lanes!

    For something less stationary Brighton may be a better place:
    A mother-of-two dived into the sea and cycled under
    Brighton Pier to encourage more women to take up cycling.

  2. Genau! (Of course I was a joke making when I said, that the German understand can we not. We are very well understanding.)

    Great story! It says the cyclist, Ms Brooksbank, found her underwater ride 'hard going', but one advantage would be that any punctures sustained would be easy and quick to locate.