24 August 2009

2 for 1 at Aldi (bike parking, that is)

Wow: is this the most squashed cycle parking in London? It's the set of Sheffield stands outside the Aldi supermarket on Old Kent Road, snapped yesterday.

The typical distance between the stands is 12 inches/30cm, nowhere near enough to get two bikes in. The distance between the two stands nearest the building is 10 inches/25cm, which isn't actually enough to get one bike in properly. Mine wouldn't go any further without clattering the derailleur.

Further down, Old Kent Road McDonald's obviates the need for cycle parking by having a drive-thru section. I guess you could bike-thru if you wanted, but I couldn't find it in myself to try buying a burger. I'll have a go at most things, but some things (potholing, ballroom dancing, Big Macs etc) are just not negotiable.


  1. Might not be able to Bike Thru your local fast food place...
    "Bike-riding mom denied at drive-through turns to Twitter"


  2. @Adam Excellent work, sir!

    That news item raises more questions though. It says McDonald's and Burger King ban bikes from US drive-thrus, "citing concern for the safety of their customers".

    In order to prevent us from eating their burgers, persumably?

  3. Whilst "drive-thru" places are likely to be of limited interest to cyclists, there's a whole category of establishment which you could describe as "push-through" and which are extremely useful to cyclists.

    I'm thinking of shops and food vendors which you can use without having to lock up (or even let go of) your bike.

    Such as the newsagent's on the pavement outside King's Cross station, which I used on Saturday - much easier to visit with a bike than WHSmith.

    I'm sure we all have our own favourites.

  4. My brother did have to push his car through McD's Drive Thru once. It broke down as he stopped to place his order. They didn't seem to mind him pushing it out after he'd already placed and paid for his order. Not sure they'd let him push it in though. Worth a try?