13 August 2009

Gnashing of teeth on Nine Elms Lane

I cycled out and back along Nine Elms Lane for a session at the dentist yesterday. As usual, I coped with the searing pain and helpless discomfort by seeking refuge in black humour.

I'm not talking about the dentist, but Nine Elms Lane. Its southern side has the second-worst cycle lane in London.

It's a succession of dangerous nonsenses. For instance, the lane will disappear abruptly (top right) for no clear reason; perhaps Lord Lucan used to cycle this way.

Or the lane will be blocked by a sign (right). With pleasing circularity, this one warns road users that the bus lane might have a bike in it, presumably because there's no room in the bike lane, because it's blocked by the sign.

Only one cycle lane in London is worse than Nine Elms Lane's southern side. And that's Nine Elms Lane's northern side. I blogged about it back in January, but the good news is, it seems something's being done at last. Until now the cycle lane has been blocked at regular points along its path by signs, posts, bus stops and electricity boxes. Now there's an additional blockage in the shape of a road crew (right).

Perhaps they're constructing an exciting tunnel by-pass. Or installing some sculptures to look at during your constant dismountings.

Or perhaps, at long last, they're just giving the Nine Elms bike lane a decent burial.


  1. Nice attention to detail in the top picture - with the grating aligned at precisely the angle a bike wheel would take leaving the bike lane. And the way the white line bulges out at the second sign in the next photo - there's nothing like a spot of slalom on your bike in the morning.

  2. For a road that actually is wide enough to put a normal lane, bus lane and a proper cycle lane all together Nine Elms Lane is a disgrace.
    Wandsworth Council seem to view it as a car only road. The pavement and cycle path surface is terrible and the road surface is worse. There is always broken glass and litter, and the boarded up office building has plants which overhang the pavement.
    I regually use it on my morning run and sometimes by bike. At the moment it is just unpleasant, but on such a useful route.


  3. Also on video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILvGPF3r1b0

    There are whote markings over the pavement and cycle path eastbound at the moment. So maybe they might redo that soon.