21 August 2009

'Pimp'? No, I said, 'do you have a pump'

Apparently we've had a few bikes nicked from both staff and public parking areas at work recently, so we were sent an internal email reminding us to take care.

The email included the sensible advice to make a note of your bike's frame number, and to register it with immobilise.com. (Both of which I did before my last bike got nicked. It didn't help one bit, and the police were about as interested as if I'd gone in to tell them about Shostakovich's use of twelve-tone sequences in the later chamber works; but still worth doing I suppose.)

Unfortunately, the email misspelt the website as 'imobilise.com' - so anyone following the instructions and clicking through to safeguard their bike was hauled up and reported by the internal website-spying software, which has 'imobilise.com' down as a pornography site. Doh!

1 comment:

  1. Regardless of which bike registry service you use, it is important to TAG your bike in multiple places, such as www.bikeregistry.com/install.php . If (or when) your bike gets nicked, yes the bad guys will have a field day stripping off identifying stickers. BUT should you place multiple decals, you have a good chance of one remaining, and that one bit of information hooking the bad guys in the a$$!