18 July 2009

Taxi drivers aren't all bad!

I've been a bit antsy about London taxi drivers lately, so here's something to show that they're not all bad.

This driver on Waterloo Bridge yesterday morning has really gone out of his way for the benefit of his fare - the young chap on the left of the picture, perhaps a tourist who wanted to snap the excellent view of the Eye and Houses of Parliament from the bridge.

So far out of his way, indeed, that he's parked on double yellows, blocking the bike lane. Well done!

If you're similarly inspired by outstanding examples of parking and have a snap, you might be interested to celebrate them by posting them up on MyBikeLane.com. It's a worldwide cyclists' celebration of the art of parking. You'll see that the above snap is No. 1 in the site's London pages.

The site also enables you to log registration numbers. As you know, many bad drivers thoughtfully make reporting them easy by having short, memorable vanity number plates, such as the one above. Funny how all the bad parkers I ever snap seem to follow the same pattern.


  1. You should take down this unfair post at once, as there's nothing wrong with this parking - as you can plainly see, the driver has activated the taxi's hazard lights, which gives him the right to drive / park / whatever like a total twat.

  2. Well, the driver did seem busy on his mobile phone. Perhaps he was looking at this rather good blog post illustrating the different ways bikes are depicted in bike lane signage...