25 July 2009

Bad parking: Moral Upper Ground again

Upper Ground is a handy back road just south of the river. It's one way westwards for cars, but a contraflow bike lane lets you whizz eastwards from the South Bank to Blackfriars Bridge Road.

Except that it doesn't, because of the cabs waiting for their clients outside a posh hotel. They block the bike lane and force us out into the traffic flow coming the other way.

I had to jag out so suddenly that I almost spilt some of the carpet tacks I happened to be carrying. Phew. Good job I didn't! I'd hate to lose them, because the police would never be able to find me to return them, especially as they had no fingerprints on them because of the thin plastic gloves I had on. Not to mention that broken glass I was taking to the recycling point.

Anyway, by the usual remarkable coincidence, their number plate tells us everything we need to know about driver. And no doubt passenger.


  1. Template note for leaving under the windscreen wipers of cars parked like this, or on the pavement:

    Dear Driver
    Please accept my apologies for the damage I did to your car when squeezing past with my bike / pram / wheelchair / pushchair (delete as applicable). The scratch to the paintwork will probably need professional attention.

    Please get a quote for the repair, and then call me on [insert the number for the local authority's head of parking control here], so that I can reimburse you.

    Again, please accept my apologies,

    [insert the name for the head of parking control here].

  2. oh, that's a nice note. We have some ones in bristol saying "please enjoy this facility on a bicycle", but I like your one. spreads fear.