02 July 2009

Law-breaking TfL cabs: Something to roo

There's always quirky stuff to see as you bike round London. This jolly life-sized multicoloured marsupial was one of 20 installed round the city for the week of 24-30 June, for example, to promote tourism to Kangaroo Island in Australia. Presumably for health and safety reasons it bears the legend DO NOT CLIMB ON KANGAROO.

Or take this private hire cab last night, parked on double yellow lines by Waterloo and completely obstructing the cycle lane. It's one of 50,000 licensed by TfL to drive round like maniacs under the belief that their badge - visible at the bottom right hand corner of the rear window - allows them to ignore the rules of the road.

In contrast to the 25,000 black-cab drivers who undergo intense training and a have a licence which can be lost if they push their luck too far, the private hire boys have no training and have to pass no test. And, also unlike the taxi guys, there's no mechanism for you to complain when you see them breaking the law.

Just a thought: there's no sign saying DO NOT CLIMB ON CAR. I don't suppose cleats would do much damage to the paintwork of this driver-owned vehicle, would they?

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